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"I am changing my shooting form and have a higher release making me harder to block. It also seems more accurate too. I increased my midrange shooting % by about 5-8%), my 3 point has gone up around 5% and my free throw has gone up 8-12%. Thanks, - Al Lin"

"My 12 yr old son has 3 yrs experience with what I call a chicken wing (you call it a flared elbow), and I am amazed how far he's come in just 2 weeks of this program. Most programs and coaches focus strictly on arm placement, this program goes eyes to feet and everything in between. His motion is getting smoother and he's hitting A LOT more jumpers. He's also getting rid of bad habits. Best shooting program I've found by far. 100% satisfied! Thank you! (1 month later) Cheat Code Shooting is the truth, helped his jumpshot tremendously by using your quick tweaks. Thanks. - Chris Andrews"

"I had lots of trouble with shooting I especially after a pull dribble so I bought your program to see If i could fix anything and i did. I had a chicken wing to my shot I wasn't a very game ready shooter and that's why I bought your program so far it's been going great my chicken wing is fixed and I'm starting to improve my shots. Everything is going pretty smoothly. - A. Jaranow"

"I needed to increase my range and be consistent. The program has been great so far. - Daniel K."

"Hi Jesse, Really want to thank you for this wonderful program!! I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. A jumpshot is such a complex thing and I have all sorts of problems with keeping it consistent, losing the so-called chicken wing as well as putting the right spin on the ball. I think that this is definitely one of your best programs and that's saying a lot because I think all your programs are incredibly good. So once again, just wanted to thank you for the great work! - Stefan S."

"Hi Jesse, so today I went to an open gym, and I found a shooting form to my comfort, and I played five on five with some adults older than me. We played a game to 21 and I literally scored 16 of those points, hitting 8 shots in a row. So all I can say is it was amazing, and I can't wait for this year coming up I feel like I'm about to dominate the league. Thank you for your programs. - Abukar J."

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